Air Slide Fabrics

what is air slide fabric?

Air Slide Fabrics, also known as Aeroslides, Aeration Pads, and Fluidizing Fabrics, are solid woven fabrics designed for pneumatic conveying. Ideal for fine dry products like cement and raw materials, our Air Slide Fabrics offer unparalleled performance.

We provide Airslide Fabric for conveying bulk material by air gravity. The main use of Airslide Fabric is discharging, declining transportation or homogenizing the powder or small granular material . Our airslide fabric is named as Airslide fabric, Airslide membrane, Air slide cloth, Air slide canvas, Air permeable fabric, and Fluidization cloth, fluidising fabric. We adopt high quality 100% polyester for airslide fabric material.

Air Slide Fabrics are also referred to as Aeroslides, Aeration Pads, Fluxo Channels Fluid or arms, Fluidizing Fabric and Air Permeable Fabric.

Types of air slide fabric

Choose from our diverse range, including 100% Polyester Air Slide Fabric and Spun Polyester Air Slide Fabric. Available in thicknesses ranging from 4mm to 8mm and widths from 6” to 72”.

Available width : 6” ( 150mm ) to 72” (1800mm)

Standard thickness : 4mm, 4.8mm, 5mm, 6mm & 8mm

Construction : Solid Woven

Yarn : Para Aramid, Polyester Multifilament, Polyester Spun

Other Name : Fluidizing Fabric, Aeration Pad, Aeroslide, Fluxo Channel, Arm For Pneumatic Conveying

Polyester Multifilament Air Slide Fabric

Spun Polyester Air Slide Fabric

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Para Aramid
Air Slide Fabric

Air Permeability:

Our fabrics are precisely woven to ensure optimal air distribution and flow rates, with low-pressure drop. Select from Low, Medium, and High Permeability options based on your specific application.

India Canvas & Tarpaulin Co AIR SLIDE FABRIC are woven for the different Air Permeability application. We are offering Air Slide Fabric in basically in 3 varients :-

  • HIGH PERMEABILITY – AIR PERMEABILITY 400M3/M2/H AT 350mmWG Tolerances +/- 15%
  • LOW PERMEABILITY– AIR PERMEABILITY 400M3/M2/H AT 1200mmWG Tolerances +/- 15%


Available Thickness : 4mm,4.8mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,–Tolerances +/- 5%

How It's Woven:

Crafted with precision, our Air Slide Fabrics require a special loom. Woven from tenacity polyester filament yarn, they exhibit superior abrasion resistance, resistance to blinding, and resilience in various temperatures.

How It Works:

Explore the economical and efficient world of air gravity conveying. Our Airslide belts, strategically placed in chutes, utilize pneumatic blowers to move powder materials seamlessly, reducing energy consumption.

uses of air slide fabric

Discover the versatility of Air Slide Fabrics in applications such as power stations, building and construction, chemical industry, silos/tanks, chute bottoms, and vehicle discharging systems.

Power Stations

Filtered Dust, Flue Ash, Discharging Flue Ash, Coal Dust

Building and Construction

Cement, Gypsum, Limestone, Quartz, Calcium Hydroxide, Lead Monoxide, Clay, Phosphates, Magnesite, Fluoride, Aluminum Production

Chemical Industry

Thomas Meal (Fertilizer), Rubber Compounds, Sinter Dust, Catalysts Sodium Sulfate, Soap Powder

Silos / Tanks

Discharging Systems, Warehouse Units, Mixing Equipment, Homogenizing Systems

Chute Bottoms

Conveyor Systems, Ventilator Systems, Aeration Systems


Silo Truck Discharging Cones, Railway Wagon Discharging Cones, Vessel Aeration & Discharging Bottoms, Container Aeration & Discharging Bottoms

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